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                                                                                      I WRITE, I FILM, I PHOTOGRAPH



As a professional photographer and filmmaker, I make sure to capture the best images in the highest quality possible. Because of the work ethic I demonstrate since the beginning of my journey I have been able to acquire many clients and provide satisfactory work. Continue reading to learn more about my process for when you hire me.

CENCOM EVENT: GOTHAM star and executive producer give students advice.

CENCOM EVENT: GOTHAM star and executive producer give students advice.


The purpose of my skill as photographer and filmmaker is to capture the images that help promote your organization and business. I do my job extremely well so that the images make your company look good.

I love cinematic movements that show off my skill and promote your business venture. Together the end product is marvelous.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES: Cardinal Dolan invites immigrants to dinner at his home.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES: Cardinal Dolan invites immigrants to dinner at his home.


My editing techniques make the images and video pop in color which dazzles the human eye. I've garnered the best editing techniques to help elevate my images so that they make the message on screen jump out.

CENCOM EVENT:  Harry Connick Jr gives students advice.

CENCOM EVENT:  Harry Connick Jr gives students advice.


My clients are always eager to see the work when it is completed. that is why I perform the best editing techniques and once completed I deliver immediately. I love what I do so I do it extremely well.



One of my special skills is that I make any video into a cinematic masterpiece. The following features will explain how I turn a simple idea into a beautiful cinematic video.

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One of the key components of a beautiful cinematic video whether it is a promo, a party, or a commercial is the use of movements. Movement engages the viewers eye and provide high production value with increases the value of your video.

I have the tools necessary to pull this technique off. 




Another major element to create the best possible video for you is proper framing. This consists of following the rule of thirds. A technique I learned in film school that can be seen in any form of media on the internet and television.

Many filmmakers make the mistake of framing incorrectly. I do not. although this is a basic rule it is one humans are accustomed to seeing. All of the videos and films I make follow the rule of thirds to enforce the idea of a cinematic video.

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The most important aspect that enhances the quality of any video. I use powerful LED lights when possible to create enticing images that enhance the quality of the video.

Many different lighting techniques are used according to what the video is about.

The techniques I use are perfect for creating beautiful cinematic images.


"The video you did for us was great. It increased sign ups on our website" -Anthea Perkinson FPANY President